Introducing Aperture

Our Advanced Robotic Manufacturing System

Aperture stands at the forefront of collaborative robotic additive manufacturing technology, offering an integrated approach:


Achieve record-breaking throughput as multiple robots collaborate on a single component.


Integrated CNC machining capability to provide 100% net components.


Employ the latest 3D technology to ensure precision in part geometry.


Allows sub assemblies to be integrated into a complete system

Gradient Materials

Pioneering the Future with Gradient Materials

At Solideon, we’re not just keeping up with the latest advancements; we’re leading them. We have set our sights on becoming the undisputed industry leader in gradient materials. Here’s how we’re approaching the future:


Our patent-pending methodology for algorithmic gradient material design promises unparalleled advancements in material technology.


Recognizing the value of collaborative ingenuity, we’ve entered into a strategic partnership with the University of Texas A&M. Together, we aim to push the boundaries of gradient material development.


We’re in the advanced stages of developing a proprietary multi-metal WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) process. This innovation will redefine the possibilities of material manufacturing.


So, why this drive towards gradient materials? It’s simple: the capacity to achieve previously unimaginable mechanical properties, leading to enhanced performance. For instance, consider the application of heat-resistant Inconel used as a leading edge, seamlessly transitioning to an Aluminum or Titanium rib. This allows for lightweight, yet robust, single-piece assemblies.

By merging technological prowess with visionary thinking, Solideon is crafting the future of gradient materials, enabling solutions previously deemed unattainable.

Why Choose

Unprecedented Capabilities

Aperture boasts a 2.5m H x 4m Dia build capacity with a target of up to 15kg/hr deposition.

in Time

Vertically integrated additive manufacturing reduces the design-to-build time. Experience production deliveries within hours or days from the initial design.


Our tooling-free approach combined with advances in in-space propulsion and sustainable space launch methods significantly cut down costs.

Join us in a future where technology and innovation merge, turning the aspirational into the achievable.