Solideon Oversubscribes Pre-Seed Goals, Advances Vision for Future Manufacturing Technology

Solideon Oversubscribes Pre-Seed Goals, Advances Vision for Future Manufacturing Technology

Breaking the Mold: Solideon’s Aperture System Sets New Standards in Aerospace Manufacturing

Solideon’s Aperture System Sets New Standards in Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing Reinvented: The Impact of Solideon’s Aperture Technology

Solideon is at the forefront of aerospace manufacturing innovation with its latest technology, Aperture. Aperture marks a significant advancement in aerospace manufacturing, allowing for swift production of intricate structures with fewer parts, less waste, and greater precision. This collaborative robotic system combines additive manufacturing with CNC machining and advanced inspection features, offering a complete solution for crafting top-notch aerospace components.
Solideon La Weekly Featured Image

Solideon In LA Weekly: Our Galactic Growth and Evolution

Solideon, a cutting-edge technology and manufacturing company, is bringing significant evolution to the manufacturing world through its advanced manufacturing system and the autonomous assembling, 3D printing, and post-processing of entire vehicles, working collaboratively. This convergence of technologies enables Solideon to address various applications, particularly defense technology, focusing on flexibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Fluix Inc. AI Slashes Solideon Server AC Energy Use By 65%- Santa Cruz Works Feature

Solideon, a Berkeley, CA-based innovator in automated manufacturing, allowed FLUIX to conduct this validation in a setting reflective of a standard data center’s complexity and demands.

Solideon Rockets to Success with STTR Award

Solideon aims to showcase its complete technological ecosystem, integrating advanced design capabilities, successful printing, and iterative improvements driven by data analysis into a singular project. This comprehensive display signifies a significant milestone, allowing Solideon to demonstrate its end-to-end solutions, bolstering credibility and potentially attracting more investment.

LEAP71 and Solideon Partner to Advance Space Hardware

Solideon and LEAP 71 have signed an agreement to design and produce multi-meter-scale hardware for space applications.

Solideon CEO Oluseun Taiwo has made the Forbes 30 Under 30

Oluseun Taiwo started Solideon (formerly Additive Space Technologies) to change aerospace manufacturing with machine learning, collaborative robots, and 3D welding.

Additive Space Technologies Rebrands as Solideon: Pioneering Manufacturing Company Redefines Industry Landscape – Yahoo Finance

Additive Space Technologies, a trailblazing manufacturing company, announced a significant transformation at the recent Bits & Pretzels conference held in Munich on September 24, 2023. The company unveiled its rebranding as Solideon, marking a pivotal moment in its journey toward revolutionizing manufacturing processes.

Forbes 30 Under 30: “The Space Industry Is About To Change” – Oluseun Taiwo (E59) (Frontier #13)

Dive into the world of space and innovation with Oluseun Taiwo, recent inductee into Forbes 30 Under 30 and Founder and CEO of Solideon, a groundbreaking 3D printing company serving the space industry! Discover how 3D printing revolutionizes space technology with AI-optimized design, rapid iteration, and near-limitless personalization. Olu’s mission is to transform the traditionally slow and capital-intensive manufacturing industry, aiming to become the “AWS of manufacturing.”


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