Manufacturing Needs a Breakthrough

Traditional manufacturing can’t keep up with the demands of modern aerospace. The industry is in need of innovation. Solideon is the answer.

Our Mission

To pioneer A New Era in Aerospace Manufacturing

Join us as we reimagine aerospace manufacturing.

dream. Design. Deploy.

We harness the power of additive manufacturing, producing parts faster with reduced components, minimized waste, and free from the limitations of conventional tooling. This is where our technology can meet your vision for the future.

Introducing Aperture

Our state of the art collaborative robotic additive manufacturing system.

One Single Platform To:


Achieve record-breaking throughput as multiple robots collaborate on a single component.


Integrated CNC machining capability to provide 100% net components.


Employ the latest 3D technology to ensure precision in part geometry.


Allows sub assemblies to be integrated into a complete system.

Innovate with
AI-Powered Design

Harnessing machine learning for generative designs, we optimize part weight, reduce costs, and enhance strength.

Meet The Team

We are an assembly of dreamers, tinkerers, rocket scientists, and engineers and we’re on the hunt for individuals ready to shape the future of technology. Explore our open positions.

Where traditional manufacturers use outdated methods, we champion transparency. At Solideon, collaboration isn’t just a promise—it’s our ethos. Join us in a journey from conception to completion, ensuring your vision takes flight.

Advancing Manufacturing to Advance Humanity